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What File Extensions Does OMRON Software Use?

Below is a list of file extensions used by OMRON software.
ABK CX-Supervisor (older versions / pre-unicode 1.3) Alarm- Error log
ADR SYSWIN Text address symbols
AHD SYSWIN 1.x/PMD address index file (not used in SYSWIN 3.x)
ALG CX-Supervisor (older versions / pre-unicode 1.3) Alarm- Error log
BAS TrajeXia Tools(Motion Perfect 2) (Program file)
BCF CX-Simulator Break Condition file
C5B CX-Programmer C500/C120/CxxP Backup File
CDM CX-Server project file. Saved by CX-Programmer or auto generated by CX-Supervisor Developer to configure CX-Server to communicate with the configured PLCs - this should not be shared with other applications that also use CDM files.
CDT CXP(Data trace)
CFB FlowConv backup file
CIN CX-Integrator Project file
CIR CVSS(Program Partial save)
CIO FSS(I/O label)
CL2 CLKSS-V2, CX-NET (CLK data link table)
CL3 CX-NET(CLK data link table)
CLK CLKSS Data link table
CMT CVSS(I/O comment) , CX-Programmer comment file, FDI comment, CX-Process comment
CNE CompoNet Tool Plugin Module setting file
CNF Profibus configuration
COD CVSS(Program all save)
CPF CompoNet Tool project
CPR CX-Profibus file, CX-Configurator FDT
CPT CPT(Project)
CSF CX-Simulator Command Log Setting
CUS CVSS(Customize infor.)
CXD Databse Update File for CX-Drive
CXF CX-Programmer IEC FB Library, CX-Programmer FB Library
CXI CX-Programmer IEC Project
CXO CXP Option setting
CXP CXP (Project)
CXR CXP (Reused File)
DAR SYSWIN Data Display Files (Auxiliary relays)
DCB SYSWIN Data Display Files (Counter flag bits for CV)
DCP SYSWIN Data Display Files (CV CPU data)
DCV SYSWIN Data Display Files (Counter values for CV)
DDM SYSWIN Data Display Files (Data memory area)
DEM SYSWIN Data Display Files (Expansion DM area)
DFC SYSWIN Data force file
DHR SYSWIN Data Display Files (Holding relays)
DIB SYSWIN Data Display Files (Timer flag bits for CV)
DIO SYSWIN Data Display Files (I/O and internal relays)
DIV SYSWIN Data Display Files (Timer values for CV)
DLR SYSWIN Data Display Files (Link relays)
DLV CX-Supervisor Data Log Viewer file containing logs from an application for the Data Log Viewer to read.
DM FSS(DM data)
DMD CVSS(DM all save)
DTR CVSS(Data trace)
DSP SYSWIN Data Display Files (Step flags for CV series)
DST SYSWIN Data Set file
DTB SYSWIN Data Display Files (Timer/counter flag bits for C series)
DTN SYSWIN Data Display Files (Transition flags for CV series)
DTV SYSWIN Data Display Files (Timer/counter values for C series)
E5N ThermoToolsFile(E5N)
E5R ThermoToolsFile(E5R)
EBK CX-Supervisor (older versions / pre-unicode 1.3) Alarm- Error log
EDS DeviceNet EDS
ELG CX-Supervisor (older versions / pre-unicode 1.3) Alarm- Error log
EST CX-Thermo file
EZN ThermoToolsFile(E5ZN)
FBD Function Block File (Network Configurator)
FLO FSS(Flow support V3)
FMS FDI File memory
FLB Flow support software Super library file (Program)
FLG CX-Simulation Command Log File
FLN CX-FL-Net setting file
G6G (G6D G6G G6M G6S G6T)
GR2 Fuzzy Support Tool (Logging data file for C200H rule grade)
GR5 Fuzzy Support Tool (Logging data file for C500 rule grade)
IO2 Fuzzy Support Tool (Logging data file for C200H I/O data)
IO5 Fuzzy Support Tool (Logging data file for C500 I/O data)
IOM CV IOM data setting file
IOT CVSS(I/O table)
LDT FSS(Data link table)
LDP CV Partial Ladder Program file
LED D-Net Safty FBL Logic
LNK CVSS(Program link parameter)
MAC  CX-P Short Cut key allocation 
MCA  MCSS(Position data) 
MCI CX-Motion V2 project file
MCP MCSS(G program)
MCQ MCSS(parameter)
MCS CX-Motion Script file
MCX CX-Motion V1 project file
MEM CXP(PC memory)
MIL MC-Miel Data file
MMI NTST Memory map image file
MNF CX-Motion NCF File
mtbd CX-Process Block wiring information
mtld CX-Process Nmemonics / Ladder information file
MUL CX-Process Multi Node file
NCF D-Net Safty ConfiguratorConfiguration
NCI CX-Position project file
NCM NCT(data)
NCL NCT project for C500-NCxxx
NSL CXD (SAP library)
NTZ NTZ-Designer
NPF Configurator V2 Network config file
NPP NP-Designer
NVF Network Configurator V3
NVP CX-Supervisor Non Volatile Points file - used to store the values of non-volatile points when the application is not running.
NXD NetXServerDDE setting file
OBJ CV UM object file, FDI User program memory, CS_CJ Object file
ONW NTST Screen data
PAG CX-Supervisor / Developer Page file - linked to project file and can be added to a project in Developer/.
PCN CVSS(PC symbol)
PMF CPT,SYSWIN(Text mata file)
PRG SYSWIN 1.x/PMD program file
&.PRG SYSWIN 1.x/PMD network comment file
PRM SIOU simple backup file. NCW152 Parameters
PSW PST project
PT1 PSS(protocol data)
PT2 PSS(All protocol + System setting)
PSS PSS System setting
PZM NT-XS application
REC CX-Supervisor Recipe information
RT2 CX-Net SYSNET Routing table
RT3 CX-Net Fins Network Routing table
RTG CVSS,CX-NET(Routing table)
SBA SwitchBox Utility (AddressFile)
SBL CVSS(I/O name)
SBT SwitchBox Utility (for NS)
SCS CX-Supervisor Developer project File - loaded into CX-Supervisor Developer to edit your application
SD1 SSS(Data trace)
SD2 SSS(Step trace)
SD3 SSS(Time chart mon)
SDB SYSMAC OPC Server Tag setting file
SDD CX-Drive Parameter file, Sysdrive configurator parameter file
SDMGR Safety Device manager (Safty Light curtain setup software) New
SDT SYSWIN Data Trace file
SDW CX-Drive Work Space
SE1 Extended enhouse instruction table
SIN Mulfunction diagnostics support software data file
SJB CX-Process Job information registration file
SL1 SSS(Partial program)
SL3 CX-NET(SLK data link table)
SL4 SSS(DM partial saved data)
SMR NE1A Logic Simulator file
SN2 SSS(SNT data link table)
SN3 CX-NET(SNT data link table)
SNT CVSS(SNT data link table)
SNW CX-Sensor Workspace
SP1 SSS(Program total)
SP5 SSS(I/O table)
SP6 SSS(DM all save)
SP7 SSS(PC system setting)
SPT MPTST screen data
SR2 CX-Supervisor Runtime Application - run by SCS.EXE to run the application
stbl CX-Process Sequnce table file
STC SYSWIN Time chart file
STP FSS(Step trace)
SWB SYSWIN 2.x/3.x backup file
SWN SYSWIN 1.x project file
SWP SYSWIN 2.x/3.x program file
SWR SYSWIN routing tables
SWT SYSWIN 3.x template file
SYM CX-Programmer Symbol file
tbu CX-P Print setting file
TCD NE1A Logic Simulator file Time Chart Monitor file
TR FSS(data trace)
UAB CX-Supervisor backup of alarm log (like UEB)
UAL WMON Win Ver.1.0 Parameter file (R88D-UA/R88D-UP)
UAL CX-Supervisor Alarm log
UDT CX-Supervisor Translation Tool project file - loaded into the translation tool to translate applications
UEB CX-Supervisor backup of event/error log - when the log reaches its max specified size it will back up to here and start again on UEL
UEL CX-Supervisor Event/Error log
UEP WMON Win Ver.1.0 Parameter file (R88D-UEP)
UM FSS(UM file)
UPC CX-P(Unit Comment)
UTH WMON Win Ver.1.0 Parameter file (R88D-UT)
VEC NSD/CXD SAP Vector file
xml CPS file for CX-Programmer V6 or later
YSM WMON Win Ver.1.0 Wave form trace file
YSP WMON Win Ver.1.0 Parameter file


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