How Do I Create A CX-Server Symbol File In CX-Programmer?

A CX-Server file is used in other software packages to assign the I/O the same symbol name. This means that the symbol list must be completed.  In CX-Programmer this is done in the following way:

Each project has a Global Symbols List and a Local Symbols List.

For each program, the imported symbols  are shown in the Global Symbols List. This list includes all the system fields that the PLC has already Defined, eg "P_1s" symbol is the 1-second pulse bite. This system symbols begin with "P_" and can not be removed.

The Local Symbol List is specifically used for a program portions (tasks). It is recommended to to keep symbols in this field specifically for keeping an overview of the running of the program.



To create the CX-Server file right click the Project and select "Properties".

In the "Project Properties" dialog, create a "New File" or "Select" an existing CDM file to link the global symbols to.


When programming a new contact you are given the choice of "Global" option and selecting the "Link to the CX-Server file" option.
With this option the new contact is put into the the CX-Server file. Only the symbols in the Global Symbols List are put in the CX-Server file.

Local symbols in the Symbols List can not be put in this file.