How Do I Install A Modem In CX-Programmer?

Set the local and remote modem at 9600 bits, Even Parity, 2 stop bits (9600,7,E,2). This is the Omron standard, the PLC should also default to this.

In CX-Programmer click on change PLC, and go to network type and settings. Then select the modem tab. Now select the correct modem.

Click on Configure next to Current location.


Here the default setting should be wherever the current location is. Suppose we are in Dorset then England is the country and the area code is 01305. If all settings are completed then click OK. Now return back to Network Settings.

Now we need to fill in the settings for where the connection is going to in Connect To.

In Country Code fill in the country that is being called even if it is the same country that you are calling from. The same for the Area Code, this must be completed even when calling the same area that you are located in.

Next to Telephone Number insert the number you are calling.


Then press the Configure button next to the Modem.

Select the Connection tab.

Make sure all of the settings here match with the modem settings as set out in Point 1.

So, if the PLC is set to 9600,7,E,2 then make those the defaults here.


Q. What type of modem do you advise?

A. Preferably an external serial modem or a PCMCIA type (there are problems with internal or USB modems).


Q. Do you have a certain type of modem that you use?

A. The Westermo TD32 or TD33.


Q. How do I connect the cable between the PLC and the modem?


PLC   Modem(9) Modem(25) TD32
2 <-> 3 2 8
3 <-> 2 3 7
    7-8 4-5 2-6
9 <-> 5 7 1


Q. I can hear that the modems are connected with each other but CX-Programmer gives a 'Failed to Connect' message.

A. Check the baud rate settings for all of the PLC modems and the PC, probably 1 or more of them is not correct.


Q. I have a new TD32-B Westermo connected to the outside port of CQM1H but it does not work properly, why is this?

A. Buy a TD33, this is a compatibility issue.


Q. I have a USB modem which doesn't communicate very well with my modem software and when it does it's bad.

A. IVM with the intertia of the driver software gives you problems. Unfortunately, there is no immediate answer to this.


Q. I have a GSM modem which I would like to set to dial only, this does not work. Why is this?

A. All parameters must be set at 9600 baud, 8 bits, 1 stop bit and no parity (9600,8,1,N).


Q. What are the dipswitch setting for the TD32?