Are The Heads For WL Limit Switch All Interchangeable?

Some Heads are interchangeable and some are not.


WL-series Head Interchangeability


Group No. Set model number Head model number (with Actuator)
1 WLCA2 WL-1H1100
WLCA2-7 WL-1H1200
WLCA2-8 WL-1H1300
WLCA12 WL-1H2100
2 WLCL WL-4H4100 *
3 WLH2 WL-2H1100-1
WLH12 WL-2H2100-1
WLHL WL-2H4100
WLHAL4 WL-2H4106
WLHAL5 WL-2H4107
4 WLCA2-2N WL-6H1100
WLCA12-2N WL-6H2100
WLCL-2N WL-6H4100
5 WLCA2-2 WL-3H1100
WLCA12-2 WL-3H2100
WLCL-2 WL-3H4100
6 WLG2 WL-2H1100
WLG12 WL-2H2100
WLGL WL-2H4100
7 WLCA32-41 WL-5H5100
WLCA32-42 WL-5H5102
WLCA32-43 WL-5H5104
WLCA32-44 WL-5H5104
8 WLD WL-7H100
WLD2 WL-7H200
WLD3 WL-7H300
9 WLD28 WL-7H400 *
10 WLSD WL-8H100
WLSD2 WL-8H200
WLSD3 WL-8H300
11 WLNJ WL-9H100
WLNJ-30 WL-9H200
12 WLNJ-2 WL-9H300 *
13 WLNJ-S2 WL-9H400 *

*These Heads are special and must be used. Do not use any other Head.

Note:Heads in a model group can be interchanged. No heads of different groups can be interchanged.