When A Command Was Sent Using Z300 High-Precision Laser Profiling System Serial Communications Output, An Error Was Returned. Why Is This?

Because an error was returned, it iwould show  that the serial communications specifications were set up correctly. It could be that the command format was not inputted in the right way.

For example, to obtain the latest measurement outcome of OUT1 with MEASURE (or M), the input must be as follows:

M 1 delimiter

Where there is a space between "M" and "1".

The output will be

111.1111 delimiter.

The command must be entered in ASCII.

Spaces must be entered between the items but not in front of the delimiter.

Another command format example is shown.

Input: JUDPARA 0 10.0000-10.0000 delimiter

(This command changes the OUT0 upper limit to 10.0000, and the lower limit to −10.0000.)

"OK delimiter" is returned when the command is normally executed.

"ER delimiter" is returned when the command is not normally executed.

Refer to the operation manual for Z300 High-precision Visual Displacement Sensor for commands and how they work.