Direct NS Connection Using Smart Active Parts

This tutorial is intended to give an overview of connecting CelciuXº to NS and using Smart Active Parts with the HMI.

Components used:
• EJ1N-TC__-__
• 24 Volt Supply
• CJ1W-CIF11
• NS_ -T__
Serial or USB cable to program the HMI
• E58-CIFQ1 for configuration of CelciuXº

  • Setting the CJ1W-CIF11: Set the dip switches as follows
    SW2 Description
    1 ON: Terminator connected.
    2 ON: 2-wire method
    3 ON: 2-wire method
    4 Not used.
    5 OFF: No RS control of RD (continual reception)
    6 ON: RS control of SD
  • Connect the CJ1W-CIF11 (RS485 port) to the B port of the EDU.

    terminal connections

    RDB+ __ B+; RDA- ___A-; 110Ω to 125 Ω 1/2W terminating resistor
  • Set NS Application Comms settings as (in CX Designer) NS version 6.6 of firmware; CX Designer V2.01 or above.

  • Write the CX designer Application by including the appropriate SAPs

    The current SAP library includes (Status Monitor, Settings, Faceplate and operation commands)

    Library window
  • Configure the Temperature Controllers with CX-Thermo.
  • Download the application to the NS
  • HMI can now be used for commissioning, operation and maintenance of the instruments.