Connection To OPC Clients Using CX Server OPC

This tutorial is intended to provide an overview of connecting CelciuXº to the PC and connecting to an OPC client.

Components used:
• EJ1N-TC__-__
• 24 Volt Supply
• E58-CIFQ1
• CX Server OPC / EJ1N Device Driver


  • Connect the CelciuXº using the procedure described in “Connection to CX-Thermo via USB port”.
  • Install CX-Server OPC and EJ1N driver
  • Start CX-Server OPC and define the CX-Server project file. Edit the project to add an EJ1N device and add the required points. For definition of point addressing, see the help file under “Start | Programs | Omron | CX-Server | Drivers | EJ1 Driver help”
  • Start the OPC Client and connect to the “Omron.OpenDataServer”.

    For example, if using the Omron OPC Client:

    connect and assign the parameter mapping

Write the Excel / VB / VBA application
To read / write or send Operation Commands for example:

Cells(2, 1) = OPCComms1.Read("PVSP", "TC-2\PV2_1", ReadFromCache)
OPCComms1.Write "PVSP", "TC-2\SP2_1", Cells(2, 3), WaitUntilComplete
OPCComms1.Write "Commands", "TC-2\RunALL", 1, WaitUntilComplete

(The group “PVSP” contains the PV and SP parameters and group “Commands” contains the operation command related parameters)

You can now Read and Write parameters of the connected CelciuX temperature controller.

You can also use PortB on the EDU to connect, using an RS232/485 converter, to the PC