Recall Parameter Selection In CX-Thermo?

This tutorial is aimed at giving an overview of the re-use of parameters used in the previous CX-Thermo session. It refers to CX-Thermo v2.0 or higher.
When working with the Trendviewer of CX-Thermo, you can choose many parameters from the selection list. From Version 4.0 and higher, CX-Thermo has been improved; the SV and PV for each loop in the node are automatically selected.

When you make a wider selection of parameters, like adding MV and Run/Stop, and then later stop and close the Trendviewer, many users think their settings are lost.
But when you open the Trendviewer again (after changes in the main screen or after restarting CX-thermo), you can easily retrieve your previous parameter selection.  


Open Trendviewer in CX-Thermo
In Version 4.0 or higher, the first time you start you see this message…..  

Alert message

Also in v4.0 or higher, Set Point and Process Value are automatically selected.

Point and process values

Select “Settings”, “Item>”, “Add…” in the menu to add parameters

Adding parameters

Ending up with a selection like this (for example)…..

Parameter settings
Start the Datalogging in Trendviewer from the menu or use this icon After you’ve seen the process response in the graph, you might want to change some settings in the main screen. Stop the logging

After you made you changes to, for example, the PID settings, open the Trendviewer window again. Before you start the Datalogging, select “Open…” from the “File” menu

Trendviewer window

Open the “Log” folder in the CX-Thermo directory and then open the “LOGFILE…..txt” with the date/time stamp of the logging you want to resume.

Log files

…And the Logging Parameters you used in that previous session are back!

The historical data is still there, but when you start the logging again, a new file will be created on the PCs harddisc. The “old” data remains in the logfile you just opened.