ZFV - Colour

This tutorial is meant as a supplement to the original product manuals. Therefore, use it to familiarise yourself with the product and not as a guide to complete installation. It shows how to set up Omron's ZFV-Colour in the simplest possible way.

The system

ZFV system is built around a controller and a camera. There are three different types of camera, 50 * 50mm, 90 * 90mm and 150 * 150mm. All of the setup of the system is carreid out through the screen and the buttons on the controller. The controller has two switches that control the function level and the mode the controller's in. Based on the position of these switches, we can use the control buttons to instruct the products, adjust the picture, etc. ... The four light diodes on the right side of the LCD screen provides the status of the controller and outputs.
ZFV-Colour controller


Operating ZFV in 12 steps.

    Mount the sensor head in such a way that you are able to see the subject clearly without unnecessary obstructions or reflections from the surroundings.  
    Start by setting the menu option and switch mode-select to the left. You will then get the following picture.
    Use the "set-button" on the controller to go to teach menu. You now have two choices; ITEM and REG. Select ITEM to choose which search tools fit your application.
    ZFV-Color has a total of eight different search tools to meet different search tasks. Here, you are using the PTRN tool for recognizing the pattern on the soda box. In addition to the PTRN tool you have the area and the width measurement, position determination, telling the edges, brightness, color recognition and text recognition. Select the tool that best fits your application!
    When you have chosen PTRN tool you have to choose the search method. Here, you can choose between SRCH and MATCH. SRCH provides a faster search speed, while MATCH gives you better accuracy. Select SRCH by pressing the SET button.
    You must now register the product you are about to inspect. Therefore enter reg size and position of the subject. Press the SET button to select REG.
    By using the arrow keys you can increase and decrease both width and height of the green frame. When you are satisfied with the size, confirm this with the SET button.
    To move the green frame, use the arrow keys again. When you are satisfied with both the size and location of the green frame, press on the Set-button. Step 7 and 8 can be taken if the optimal size and position were not found in the first half.
    When you are finished with all of the customizations press the button TEACH. You will see the light of the camera stops for a small period of time. When the ZFV light begins to blink it is set up and ready for inspection!
    Set the MODE button to ADJ. The green graph at the bottom of the screen shows you the percentage of how the latest image is similar to the original. The yellow line shows the limits for the products that are accepted and not. The factory default value is 60%. You can manipulate this so that the right product is approved. Use the up and down arrows to adjust the limits.
    If a product achieves a lower percentage than the set detection limits go to the high-end of the displayed NG. Whether you want to go to the high end of approved products or non-approved product can also be set up in system-2 menu. To access this you must select expert menu with menu-picker down the left.
    Once you have selected the right limits set MODE selector to RUN. The controller is now in operation mode. You can now select different status images by pressing the TEACH button. A popular image is the statistic image to the right, this gives you useful tools as total failure percent, the number of topics checked, the average scores, etc. ...