Connecting a PC To CS/CJ PLC Via NS

This tutorial is intended as a supplement to the original manuals for the products. Therefore, use this to familiarise yourself with the product but not as a complete installation guide. The information in the tutorial is taken from following manual (s):
  • W073 NS Programming Manual
  • W083 NS Setup Manual
Programming a CS/CJ PLC via a connection with the NS Screen
It is possible to program CS and CJ PLC systems by connecting to the ethernet port on the NS screen. The NS screen can connected to the PLC via serial port A or B to the PLCs Host Link port or Peripheral port.
To see the benefits of programming a PLC via a connection with the NS HMI on a real customer's machine, click the packaging solutions area link below.
Choose NW 1 as the Network between the computer and the NS screen. The Network between NS screen amd the PLC is determined by the port option in NS. If Port A is selected use Network is 111, if port B select Network 112.
NS-Designer register host screen
NS Port to PLC connection
NS screen change PLC setting
NS port to PLC connection
For both connections set NS IP address:
NS IP address setting