NT20S - Conversion from NT-DOS to NT Win

This tutorial is intended as a supplement to the original manuals for the products. Use it therefore as a means to get to know the product and not as an instruction for a complete installation.

Product Information

An NT-DOS program for NT20S (and other displays) can be imported into  NT-Win, but this assumes that it is ver. 5. Follow the procedure attached to convert this program if it is not the correct version:


To be able to import an NT-DOS program into NT Win, the application must be version 5. If not then use the NT DOS programming tool (NT-EV 2.0 or later) to change to version 5 via the tool settings. For a successful conversion, start up the computer in MS-DOS. If you tried to run the program simply through an MS-DOS window, you will usually crash your PC.

When you have a version 4, or earlier, DOS program which has been programmed in NT20M, you must convert it to NT20S version 4. Firstly, change the Tool Settings from NT20M to NT20S, and then go to "Edit Screen" and make a new storage. You will then be prompted to save the file with the new file name and evt.project name. The latter is not necessary as well.

When the file is saved successfully, you have to go into the Tool Settings again and change to version 5. The memory size must also be corrected to 96kB. Then go to "Edit Screen" and save the file again.

Come out of  MS-DOS and open NT-Win. Go to file> import and open the dos file in Win NT. Store it as an NT-Win program.

Please be aware that an NT20M program with C200H communication or functions, requires major conversion work.