GWYs7 Gateway

This tutorial is intended as a supplement to the original manuals for the products. Therefore use this to become familiar with the product but not as an instruction for the complete installation. The information in the tutorial is taken from the following manual(s):
  • Gateway Quick Start Up Guide
  • Gateway Users Manual

Product Information
GWY-S7 from Renu electronics is a specially built device that can be connected to NT / NS panels to
communicate with a PLC that does not have Host Link or NTLink protocols built in. NS-panel
sees GWY-S7 as an Omron-PLC and GWY-S7 will transform all of the data to the appropriate protocol.
StartUp Guide has a list of the PLC suppliers that can be connected to the GWY-S7.
The advantage of using the GWY-S7, is that one can always use the same application on the panel, regardless of
the PLC being used.

GWY-s7 picture

GWY-S7 configured with its own free software. Gateway Setup Software.
The cable programming looks like this. Connected PLC1 port

Gateway Side (DB9 Male) Computer Side (DB9 Female)
2 2
3 3
9 5

Short bridges between other pins are not allowed they will cause communication failures.

The unit power is supplied from the operator panel via cable on the opposite side.

GWY-s7 panel

The screen shows the protocols that are available for the two ports.

GWY-s7 panel

When it comes to writing a bit from the display, one must also define the word in question. See the example above, where the first HR0 is defined as a word and then as 16 bit. There is also no reason to define all words in the "Block".
# Words could be called # Elements as it means the number of block 2 bit.
For NS set Source ID to 1 even if UnitNo of the display is 0
For Host Link Destination ID must correspond with UnitNo in PLSen.
If pins  3 and 4 are on PLC1 short-circuit and the power is on, set GWY in prog.mode. Release when the device is working
to reach the PLC while you try to transfer your data.