Using GenerateReport Shows Lots Of 'Invalid Point Name' Errors On The Event Log

CX-Supervisor substitutes point names within the template for the actual values of these points.

To do this the point names need to be surrounded by some predefined characters, the default characters are (( and )), these characters are changed using Runtime Settings->Point Substitution Settings in CX-Supervisor Developer.

In some RTF files, the (( symbol is actually used as part of the code for the RTF file. When CX-Supervisor sees the (( it assumes what follows is a point name, if this is not a valid point name then CX-Supervisor will put the 'Invalid Point Name' error in the error log.

To fix this, change the Opening characters to (CXS( and the Closing Characters to )CXS). Edit the RTF file to make sure all CX-Supervisor points in the template are surrounded by these characters.