The Correct Value Is Not In The Cell That Was Set Up By The PLC Reporter 32. What Is The Cause And How Can It Be Resolved?

It could be any of the following causes. Check your system.

  • If the sheet name is changed using Excel, data that was set to be retrieved and displayed on that sheet cannot be pasted into the cells.
    This is a characteristic of the PLC Reporter 32. To change the sheet name, use the PLC Reporter 32 by selecting PLC(P) - Change Sheet Name(S) from the Menu.
  • When a sheet with cell settings is protected, the protected sheet becomes read only and the data in the communications cell will not be updated. When this happens, release the cell lock. For history settings, release the lock for all the historical data.

    1)If the sheet is protected, release the sheet protection before releasing the lock.

    2)Select a communications cell.

    3)Select the Excel Format Menu and select Cell…

    4)Click the Protect Tab from the Cell Format Setting Dialog Box.

    5)Turn the Lock Option OFF and click the OK Button.

    6)Select Protect - Protect Sheet from the Excel Tool Menu and click the OK Button.

  • If Windows 2000 is used to automatically start the communications process, no data will be retrieved and displayed onto the cells. They will be left blank. Furthermore data entered into the cells will not be written to the Programmable Controller correctly.

If you are using PLC Reporter 32 Ver.3.6, install the Ver.3.70 patch.




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