How can I directly set Datalinks to a C-Series PLC? - CX-Programmer

C-Series PLCs that support network bus units can be set using a direct connection. However they must first be configured as a 'Bridge' PLC.

To achieve this:
  • Ensure the I/O table is correctly set and that there are no bus unit or I/O errors.
  • If a Controller Link bus unit is connected, ensure the Routing Table is correctly set.
  • Use the direct communication (Toolbus or Sysway) to set the PLC as a Bridge unit.
  • Use the direct communication to set the same PLC as a target using the 'Bridge' PLC as the 'Network Type'.
  • Ensure that the correct 'Network' and 'Node' numbers are entered in the Network Type, 'Settings' dialog.

The Datalink "Setup" dialog will then be available with full on-line capabilities.

a) CV and CS PLC's are not affected by this limitation and can have datalinks setup directly.
b) The Network Configuration Tool, DataLink 'Editor' dialog is for off-line setting only.