What Is New With CX-Programmer 6?

Below is a list of features which are new in version 6.0, compared to version 5.0:

Support for new PLCs - the following FQM1 series (Flexible Motion Controller) are supported.
  • FQM1-CM, FQM1-MMA, and FQM1-MMP (CPU Unit Ver.2.0)

Function Block Upgrade
  • Nesting is supported - the maximum of eight function blocks can be nested.
  • Ladder monitoring of Function Block Instance programs is possible.
  • Variables used in a FB Instance can be registered in Watch Window all together.

Ladder Editor Functions Upgrade
  • Moving to the previous/ next rung by arrow keys from the head or end of a rung is possible.
  • High-density print is enabled and the print format is improved for Usage List.

Data Trace / Time Chart Monitoring Improvement
  • The trace data of Data Trace / Time Chart Monitoring can be saved as a CSV format file.

CX-One Support of IO Table
  • IO Table for CS/CJ-series supports CX-One.