How To Resolve CX-Supervisor Error "An Error has occurred whilst downloading groups to the server." When Using KEPServerEx OPC Server

When using CX-Supervisor as OPC DA client with KEPWare KEPServerEX OPC Server the following error may be logged in the CX-Supervisor Error log:
An Error has occurred whilst downloading groups to the server.

This can be caused by using KEPServerEX with unsupported Regional language settings. By default, KEPServerEX rejects the use of unsupported languages but this setting can be changed to permit use on all systems as follows:

  1. Launch the KEPSeverEX Configuration utility
  2. Right click "Project" and select Properties
  3. Next, open the OPC DA group and under Compliance change Reject unsupported language IDs option to "No" then click [Apply]
  4. Once finished, click [OK]
  5. At this point, the server should allow connections from clients that are using non-English Language or Locale IDs
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