Release Notes For CX-Supervisor 3.4.1

What is improved?
CX-Supervisor 3.4.1 is released which includes minor bug fixes from version 3.4 and also includes fixes to reported issues where Development program might terminate abnormally when loading corrupted project files (.SCS).  This release also includes updated CX-Server which includes fixes for reported issues where CX-Server might terminate abnormally when loading corrupt project files. Reported issues ICSA-18-072-01, CVE-2018-7513, CVE-2018-7515, CVE-2018-7517, CVE-2018-7519, CVE-2018-7521, CVE-2018-7523 and CVE-2018-7525.
Latest software updates can be download from the Software Download Centre and are freely available to users that have registered.  If you have any problems upgrading or have questions please contact your local Omron sales office or raise a support ticket.