What's New In CX-Supervisor V2.0/2.1

CX-Supervisor V2.X

New features in 2.X

  • Alternative to using USB dongle where user can extract token off the dongle onto a particular PC - for when USB dongle is not possible (v2.1 only)
  • Modernised Look and Feel with updated toolbars with CX-One style buttons, docking views , compatible with XP Themes, new HTML help system and 'Tip of the Day'. New 'Full Screen' mode and Workbook mode for easier editing
  • Colour coded VBScript Editor, with Design time syntax checking
  • New Project Analyser in Developer to highlight application designs that could cause problems
  • Customisable ActiveX toolbar for Microsoft Forms and common controls
  • New Performance Monitor in Runtime to analyse runtime performance
  • New integrated and standalone Translation Tool for translating user text.
  • Minor object improvements:
    • Alarm Object now has scroll bars
    • Button Object can now have pictures
    • Picture Object can reload pictures
  • Thumbwheel object now appears on ActiveX toolbar
  • New 'Target Settings' to build for 'Machine Edition' or 'PLUS' runtimes.
  • The 32-bit versions of Vista (Business) and Vista (Ultimate) are supported in this release.
  • The Data Log Viewer Help has been converted to HTML for Vista compliance.
  • A new version of CX-Server is included for Vista compliance (CX-Server v3.1). (v2.1 only)
  • The runtime project can now be targeted at CX-Supervisor v1.3, in the same way projects can be targeted at ME or Plus (v2.1 only)
  • The Point Editor now retains which column is being sorted and maintains this after editing operations.
  • A 'Clear All' button has been added to the runtime 'Performance Monitor' dialog, which resets the values of all CX-Supervisor performance metrics.
  • The script functions available from the 'Actions' menu can now also be used in VBScript. 

Product Codes and Descriptions


CX-Supervisor Developer V2.X
This package does not include a Runtime USB dongle. In order to test your projects with a device you must also purchase a runtime package


CX-Supervisor Developer Upgrade V2.X
This will upgrade the developer from any previous version of CX-Supervisor, note that it does not include a USB dongle.


CX-Supervisor Machine Edition V2.X including an ME USB dongle


CX-Supervisor PLUS Edition V2.X including a PLUS USB dongle


CX-Supervisor Trial Edition V2.X providing 30 days of full functionality to try out all the features.

 This version has now been superseded by CX-Supervisor V3