Using The Page Toolbar On The NA

When working with the page editor on the NA there is a toolbar at the top of the page that allows some of the most frequent actions at the click of a button:
This article explains what these buttons are used for.
For more information on editing NA pages in Sysmac Studio see Getting Started With The NA Page Graphics Editor
Group Operations


These buttons allow group and ungroup of objects on the page. Once objects are grouped, they are treated as one for operations such as copy, paste, move, resize rotate etc. To group more than one object, select each object while pressing the Ctrl button, or draw a box around the multiple objects you wish to select then press the 'Group' button on the toolbar.
Polyshape Edit


This button allows you to edit the shape of Polyline and Polygon shapes by dragging the corners. Select a previously drawn polyshape and press this edit button.
Position Manipulation


These buttons allow you to rotate the shape by 90 degree steps in either direction or to flip the shape vertically or Horizontally. Select and object or a group of objects and use these buttons.


Z-Order Operations


These buttons allow you to change the Z-Order (the order in which overlaying objects are stacked on the screen). These buttons allow you to (from left on toolbar)


• Bring the selected object(s) to the front (on top as you look at it)
• Bring it forward by one step towards the front
• Send it backwards by one step
• Send it to the back.

Note: If you send an object behind a larger object, you will no longer be able to see the object to be able to click on it.

You can also change the Z-Order in the Page explorer by dragging objects up and down the list, this also allows you to select objects that are hidden behind another object.

Alignment Operations


These buttons allow you to align multiple objects with one another. To use these you must select more than one object on a page. Then (from left of toolbar) you can align:

• Left
• Centre (horizontally)
• Right
• Top
• Middle (vertically)
• Bottom


Distribution Buttons


These buttons allow you to distribute objects evenly between the first and last objects, So if you have 4 lamps, first ensure the first and last are in the places you want them (remember you can align them so they are level with each other) and then press distribute – you can choose horizontal or vertical. The objects will then be evenly spaced between the first and last objects.


Language Choice

The language dropdown displays a list of all the languages in your project, when you choose one it will display any translations for the localised objects on the page – e.g. text, images etc.

For more information on localisation in your project go to the article Translating An NA Project And Checking The Results

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