How To Use The NB Web Interface Functionality


This article is intended to explain how to use the Web Interface feature of the NB HMI.

The Web Interface feature is accessible using the kernel and rootsf version that are included in NB-Designer version 1.31 or higher. NB-Designer version 1.34 or higher adds an additional feature for the -TW01B NB HMI models; accessing the USB Drive via a Web Browser.

Please read How To Update The NB Kernel And Root File System to learn how to update the NB Kernel and Root File System.

How to access the NB HMI using Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer (IE) 9

In order to access the NB HMI the IP Address should be put in the address bar of the web browser.

Accessing the following URL when using the Web Interface allows the web browser to access each page directly. Using only the IP Address in the address bar results in displaying the menu page.

Before connecting to the NB HMI via the web browser, verify if the Local Bit 9175: Enable Web Interface (R/W) in the NB HMI application is enabled. LB 9175 enables the web interface in the NB hardware.

The web browser asks for a username and password once the IP Address has been provided and acknowledged in the browser as shown below.

The default Username and Password are 'default'.

The NB Web Interface Menu shall be displayed once the proper username and password has been filled in as shown below.

The NB Web Interface Menu provides access to monitoring and operating the NB screen, access the USB Drive mounted on the NB HMI and NB Web Interface settings.

USB Host port is only supported by the -TW01B models. The -TW00B models do not have a USB Host Port. For more details about the USB Host Port and using USB Memory Sticks please refer to How To Use USB Memory Sticks On NB HMI.

Monitoring the NB screen can be achieved by selecting the 'Monitor' feature. This feature enables the user to monitor the screen without the possibility to operate any objects on the screen via the web browser. In case if operating the screen is required, the user can access the 'Operation' screen to monitor and operate objects on the screen. The USB Drive can be accessed by using the 'Files in USB Disk' feature. The NB Web Interface settings can be configured in the 'Configuration' feature.

The 'Files in USB Disk' feature only supports downloading data from the USB Drive. Uploading data is not supported.
How to access the files on the USB Drive

The USB Drive can be accessed by selecting the 'Files in USB Disk' feature as shown below.

Select /disk/usb1 in order to view the sub folder structure on the USB Drive. The default folder structure created by the NB hardware is shown below. The csv files are stored within the folders of specific functionalities that support logging in the NB HMI such as the event log file that can be found at /disk/usb1/event.

Select the designated folder in order to view the saved csv files as shown below.

Select the designated csv file that should be opened and/or downloaded to a local directory as shown below.

NB Web Interface Settings

The NB Web Interface Configuration screen offers the possibility to modify settings for the 'Monitor'-, 'Operation' screen and Web Server function as shown below.

Please refer to V106-E1-11 NB-Designer Operation Manual, section 8 Web Interface for detailed information.

Increasing the Reload Interval reduces the load of your network traffic
401 Authorization Required

User verification process has been cancelled. Please refresh the web browser in order to access the User Login Screen.

Web Browser does not connect to the NB

Please verify if the proxy settings of your network adapter are set correctly and/or if LB 9175 in your NB HMI application is ON.

No files in /disk

Please verify if the USB Drive is mounted correctly on the NB hardware.

404 Not Found

Using the 'Back' and 'Forward' function in the web browser while USB Drive is disconnected results in the 404 Not Found message. Please verify if the USB Drive is mounted correctly on the NB hardware.


Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer (IE) 9 and NB-Designer 1.34 have been used while creating this article. The images may differ when other NB-Designer and Kernel / Rootsf versions are used.