What Are NA IAGs?

An IAG is an Intelligent Application Gadget.

These are toolbox objects which can be installed on individual Sysmac Studio installations and added to the toolboxes of projects.

An IAG contains a mixture of graphics and objects which can accept user input if needed.  The IAG can also contain Animations, Variables and VB.NET code.

IAGs are created using Sysmac Studio, they can be created by Omron a 3rd party or you can make your own. 

Once installed, an IAG is a ‘black box’, it performs functions but you don't need to know how it does it. In fact, it is not possible to see any of the code within an IAG when using it. This is just like a Controller function block but for HMI.

Multiple IAGs can be packaged into a single IAG file, this is known as an IAG collection, this IAG collection contains the names and categories of each IAG which sets where it will appear in the toolbox.

For more information on working with IAGs see the articles on 'Introduction To Using IAGs', 'Creating your first IAG' and 'How To Publish And Distribute Your IAG'

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