Understanding NA Resources


Each string, image, movie and document used within an NA project is known as a resource. Resources are kept in a central library and can be used throughout the project. Multiple objects can use the same resource e.g. a ‘Back’ button may be used many times. Once using a resource, if the resource in the central library changes, all uses of this resource will reflect this change.

Resources are used for translations to your NA project so resources are central to understanding how localisation is achieved in the NA Series.

The Default Language

Every project has a Default Language that can be configured to be any language. All new resources are added in this language. For more information on the default language, see the “Understanding The Role Of The Default Language on the NA” article.

Resources in Sysmac Studio

NA Project Resources can be accessed from the Multiview Explorer on the left:

Resource Types

There are several things within a project that are stored as resources, these are:

• General Strings
• Alarm Strings
• Documents
• Images
• Videos

New resources can be added by pressing the + button. Alternatively, whenever a new string, image or movie is first used on a page it is created in the resource library. It is possible to edit the resource even after one or more objects are using it – all objects using this resource will automatically reflect the changes made.

For more information on changing and editing resources see the “Changing resources in your project” article.

General Strings and Alarms

The most common resources within a project are the General strings. General strings are the text on buttons, labels and other items throughout the HMI. When creating the project, any text used will automatically be added as a General String resource. As with other resources, they can be added in advance using the + button and then when configuring the text on an object the resource will be offered from the General strings to use in the text field.

Each time text is added to a new object one of the existing ‘Default language’ resources can be selected or a new one created. A list of available resource strings will be shown when text is entered, the more text entered the shorter the list. If the string entered does not a new resource will be created in the resource library.

Alarm strings are exactly the same as general strings, except they can be much longer. The Alarm Message and Alarm Details are stored as resources.

Pictures, Movies and Documents

All media such as pictures, movies and documents are stored in the resource library. Pictures and movies are automatically added when you select the file on a page object or, in the same way as text resources, you can add in advance using the + button. Documents can only be added in advance as they are opened from a script command rather than a page object.

Translating Your Resources

Once you have finished your project in the default language you will have a full set of resources which can now be translated if required. For more information on translating your NA project and how to add new language to an NA project, go to the “Translating an NA Project and checking the results” article.

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