Setting Up NA Communications And Transferring A Project


When you first start your NA you will be unable to connect to it from Sysmac studio using Ethernet as it will not be configured to work on your network.

This article will show the various options for how to get your first project onto the NA and how to avoid common pitfalls.

Use The System Menu

The most common way to allow the NA to communicate over Ethernet is to power up the NA and go into the system menu to set up the IP address and subnet mask.

By default you can enter the system menu by double tapping the screen in the bottom right or top left. When the System menu appears, select ‘Interface Settings’ followed by TCP/IP settings to set the IP address of the NA.


Once you have given the NA a valid IP address for your network, you can configure Sysmac Studio to connect to your NA by selecting ‘Communications Setup’ from the HMI menu at the top of the screen.

Frequent Sysmac Studio users will be familiar with this dialog. Just enter the IP address and subnet mask you need for your computer to connect. Usually, you will be connecting via a switch or a router so you will need to check the ‘Ethernet Connection Via Hub’

Once all the settings are entered you can press the ‘Test’ button. If this tests OK you are ready to connect to your device

Use the USB Connector

The NA has a USB B connector (slave) which allows you to connect to it using a USB cable for transferring projects and settings.

In the Communications Setup you will need to select direct USB connection.

Note: The NA does not support USB connection to a Controller such as the NJ or CJ2, USB is not an industrial connector and is therefore not suitable for this purpose.

Don’t Forget To Set The IP Address Of The Device In The Project

Whenever you connect to the NA and transfer a project, you will also transfer the IP address settings, if this is different to the settings you are expecting or have configured, you will no longer be able to connect to it and you will have to reconfigure the IP address again using the system menu or the USB connector.

You can change IP configuration by going to HMI Settings page located in Multi view Explorer under Configuration and Setup.

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