Creating And Using Recipes And Templates On NA


This article describes a suggested workflow when creating, configuring and working with recipes on the NA HMI.
To learn about the basics of NA recipes please read the ‘Introduction to Recipes on NA’ article.

Adding new Recipe Templates

When working with recipes, it is best to start by creating global variables that will be used with the recipes. Then create the template in the recipe template view:



Note: Please bear in mind that recipe ingredients can be associated only with global NA variables.

Creating new Recipe (instance of recipe)

Once ingredients are added to the template, the user can declare instances of the recipes and switch between the instance and template view.

The Recipe Instance data can be created using the Sysmac Studio (i.e. a Table control that contains a column for Recipe name, plus a column for each ingredient):


Each recipe template is associated with a database file (.CSV), which contains the full list of recipe instances and recipe data. When running on the NA hardware, this database is simply accessed (read from or written to) when any of the recipe operations are carried out by the user.

The user can ‘export’ the csv file from the NA to USB stick (using system menu) and edit the recipe data, adding complex instances of the templates in Excel rather than in runtime on the HMI.


In order to restrict the size of the recipe database files, each database can hold up to 1000 recipe instances. 

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