How To Recover The NX-ECC20x From 'Slave Application Error'


This article is intended to explain how to recover the NX-ECC20x from ‘Slave Application Error’.


The ‘Slave Application Error’ within the NX-ECC can have different causes. Such a cause could be an inconsistency between the software and hardware NX-IO configuration (including NX safety IO). As a result it could happen that the user is unable to reset the NX-ECC by a power cycle or resetting all errors. However there is a solution to remove the ‘Slave Application Error’ message within the NX-ECC and restore the coupler.


Due to an inconsistency between the software and hardware configuration the NX-ECC may contain the ‘Slave Application Error’. The error message can be read from Sysmac Studio and shows the following error message:

In general, error messages can be cleared by executing the ‘Reset All’ button to reset all errors. In most if not all circumstances the source of the issue should be solved before resetting the error(s). For example, in case of an inconsistency between software- and hardware configuration a 'Slave Application Error' message could be present. Please correct the software configuration to the according hardware configuration and download the new software configuration to the master.

If the NX-ECC still provides the error, please execute ‘Clear All Memory’ for the NX-ECC + NX Units. Refer to the steps below in order the execute ‘Clear All Memory’ and reset the coupler to default.

  • Open the ‘EtherCAT’ tab via the ‘Configurations and Setup’ menu.

  • Select ‘Edit Slave Terminal Configuration’ for the designated NX-ECC to open the configuration window of the slave device.

  • Select ‘Clear All Memory’.

  • Select ‘Coupler + NX Units’ and press the execute button. The NX-ECC shall be initialized to default settings and the ‘Slave Application Error’ is removed.

Note: The ‘Clear All Memory’ cannot be executed while working offline. Please go online directly onto the coupler or via the NJ using Sysmac Studio.