Getting Started With The NA Page Graphics Editor

Sysmac Studio has an NA page editor which allows you to graphically edit pages on your NA. This will behave in much the same way as other graphical HMI editors you may have previously used.

Once an object is placed on the page, it can be resized using any of the grab handles around the object.  When resizing, small indicators of size and position are displayed making it easier to get a specific size.



The circle on the corner grab handle can be used to rotate an object. When rotating, the angle of rotation is shown in the middle of the object so that precise rotation can be achieved.

The small symbol in the corner of some objects (rectangles, buttons etc) can be used to give a rounded corner to the object.  Once again small indicators show the size of the rounding.  This is called the CornerRadius and the properties can be changed directly in the property window if required.

It is also possible to change the size and position of an object using the properties window. By expanding the Position & Size section, the user is able to enter an exact position or size:

Objects can be grouped together by selecting them and selecting ‘Group’. To select multiple objects either click and drag the mouse over the objects, or select object by object whilst holding Ctrl.

When Objects are grouped together it is possible to change the properties of one of the objects in the group. This can be done using the Page Explorer (View | Page Explorer if not already docked) and selecting the specific object.

Objects can overlap each other on the page as required; if you want to change the position in the stack, you can change the ‘Z-order’ by right clicking and choosing on option to Bring forwards or Send Backwards, the page toolbar also offers these buttons. Additionally, in page explorer, you can drag objects up and down the stack – the higher up the list the nearer the back the object will appear. Grouped items can also be modified in this way.

Note: the right click menu also allows for standard graphic functionality eg. Cut/Copy as well as alignment and flipping.

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