Download And Upload Password Protected Projects To NB HMI


This article is designed to understand how to download and upload password protected project to a NB HMI.

The contents of this article are applicable for the following NB HMI models:

NB Screens

When you password protect a project is because that you do not want others to see the project. But you would still want the possibility for customers to download and update the NB HMI. To set the project password, please follow the steps descibed as shown below.

Step 1: Click on the Project Password under the File.

Step 2: Type in a password and then click OK.


Step 3: Save the project. The next time the project is opened it is required that you enter the password.


Download password-protected project

When you save the project in NB-Designer it is saved as a folder in the project's name. Inside this folder is the application file in the format .nbp. If you want to transfer the application, for example via a USB-memory, you can not use the .nbp file without the need to compile the file to the format .pkg. Here are the steps that you have to do to make the application to the .pkg format.


Step 1: After the application has been created, the file should be saved and then compiled. When you compile the project creates a .pkg file. Compilation is done by clicking on the Compile All the Tools tab.


Step 2: The .pkg file is created in the same folder as the application is located in.

Step 3: To download the file, open the NBManager that can be found under Tools in the NB-Designer folder.


Step 4: Click on Download User Data to select the folder the .pkg file is located in.


Step 5: Select the .pkg file and click Open.


Step 6: Then click on Download below NBDownload window.


Step 7: Now the application is downloading to the NB HMI without having to type the password.


Password for uploading and decompilation

If you want to upload the applications from NB HMI you have to put in a password. You can set your own password just for this. One for uploading and one if you want to protect so that you can not decompile the application to .nbp file.
By default, the password set to: 888888 (six eights). To change this following these steps:

Step 1: Right click on the NB HMI and select Property.


Step 2: In the PT Extended Attributes tab are the two password settings for uploading and decompilation.



As mentioned before in the section Password for uploading and decompilation there are two different password for uploading the application from NB HMI. one to upload the project and one to be able to decompile the project so you can see and modify the project. Here are the steps to decompile an application after you have uploaded it.


Step 1: Click on the Decompile Manager under the Tools tab.


Step 2: Then click on Select under Select Decompile PKG file to select the .pkg file to be decompiled.


Step 3: Then choose a location where the project will be decompiled to.


Step 4: Click Decompile-button to decompile the project.


Step 5: It is required that you enter the password that you set up before to get permission to decompile the application. Then you have the ability to view and modify the project.


The default password: 888888 (six eights)