E5_N Tutorial Video Series

This article outlines the content and provides links to the series of tutorial videos for the E5_N series of Temperature Controllers.

Video 1: Names of Parts

Video 2: Setting the Input Type

Video 3: Setting the PID Control

Video 4: Setting the Control Output Periods

Video 5: Setting The Alarm Types

Video 6: Setting The RUN/STOP

Video 7: Setting The Set Point (SP)

Video 8: Setting the Alarm Values

Video 9: Optimize With Self-Tuning

Video 10: Optimize With Auto-Tuning

Video 11: Optimize With PID Manually

Video 12: Temperature Input Shift

Video 13: Setpoint Upper and Lower Limit

Video 14: Key Protect Level

Video 15: Advanced Function Setting Level

Video 16: Setting The PV Change Color In The Advanced Function Setting Level

Video 17: Displaying PV/SV Status

Video 18: Setting Example

Video 19: Input Error Display

Video 20: CX-Thermo Software Overview