Easy Positioning Function Blocks

This article provides a general overview of the attached Quick Start Guide for Easy Positioning Function Blocks. The Quick Start guide explains the criteria of applicability and the method of operation of the attached Function Blocks (FUNCTION BLOCKS.zip). The attachment includes a collection of function blocks created to perform open loop and closed loop axis control in an easy way via pulse train, analog, etc. from simple electronic axis link to advanced positioning functions.
The information in this article can be particularly useful when applied to motion control used in packaging machinery. To examine a packaging machine case study utilizing PLC-based motion control, visit the link below.
The attached document includes details that require the following hardware and software:
  • CJ1M/CJ2M series or CP1H/CP1L-L or CP1L-M series CPU type 
  • CX-Programmer version 5.0 or higher
The attached function blocks and Quick Start Guide detail the following Easy Positioning functionality with program and configuration examples.
  • Master/Slave electronic gearing between two axes (real or virtual)
  • Open loop control
  • Closed loop control
  • Pulse output
  • Analog output
  • Motion profile generation including Cycloidal Cam profiles
  • Axis synchronization with "movelink" characteristics

NOTE: This article is intended to supplement official Omron documentation. The provided Function Blocks should be thoroughly tested before implementation and may or may not function in specific applications. The user assumes full responsibility of the configuration, integration, performance and application of the provided function blocks. For detailed information on the use and general configuration of Omron products, refer to official Omron manuals or contact your local Omron support representative.