How To Create A Copy Of CX-Supervisor Project (Save As Functionality)

Many software tools have a "Save As..." function to save a copy of the file. A CX-Supervisor project contains many files, so a Save As feature doesn't really apply. However sometimes you want to create a copy of a CX-supervisor project e.g. as a backup or version branch for future use. This article shows how you can do this, by showing steps to create a copy of Project1, named as Project2.
Assume that a CX-Supervisor project has been created and is working - Project1. It is now required to make a system that is nearly the same as Project1, but with a few minor modifications. Therefore, it is desired that we start with a copy of Project1 - called Project2 and modify this to the new requirements.
First, close CX-supervisor and make a copy of the original Project1 folder:
so that there is a copy...
Once the new folder (Project1 Copy) is created, then rename this to Project2 and inside the Project2 folder, delete all files with the name Project1.* name, but EXCLUDING *.scs *.pag and *.rec files (if present).
Rename the remaining files *.scs and *.rec (if present) so Project1.* files to Project2.*
After all files are renamed, the folder should look like this:
Use CX-Supervisor Developer to open the new Project (Project2.scs in this case) to make sure that all files are present and correct.
Now the new Project has been created, it can be modified to suit the new requirements.