Why Are Some Software Messages In The Wrong Language?

Sometimes you may find a software message displayed in an unexpected language, rather than the installed Windows Language or installed software language. For example the message below is from a English Windows OS with CX-One installed in English, yet the message appears in German:
At first this may appear random, but actually affects ALL software on the computer (e.g. Notepad) using common dialogs for:
  • File Open and File Save As 
  • Print
  • Find and Replace 
  • Font selection
  • Sub dialogs and error messages generated from those above

Standard Windows components, and other installed software can use Windows MFC technology to show these common dialogs. These MFC dialogs are in English by default, but can use localised resources stored in a resource file e.g. MFC42LOC.DLL. While Omron software installs the correct version of MFC42LOC.DLL, other software installations may install a different version, in a different language.


To restore the common dialogs to English, you can just delete the MFC42LOC.DLL from your <Windows>/System32 folder. To restore the dialogs to another language you should install the correct version of MFC42LOC.DLL, or copy it from another working computer.