How Do I Update Sysmac Studio?

You can update all versions of Sysmac Studio using the installed Omron Automation software AutoUpdate tool:
1. First you must register the software in your region. Note the full registration process can take up to one hour to complete.

2. Run the AutoUpdate tool from the Start menu under All Programs->Omron->Sysmac Studio->Omron Automation Software Autoupdate. When you run the autoupdate tool there is a patch available to upgrade each program installed with Sysmac Studio. Each patch is Accumulative, that is you only need to install the latest patch as it includes all earlier patches. This patch can be run from the web, or downloaded for later installation:


Tip: If you want to be alerted automatically when there are new updates available click the Setting button to set how often to check.



Note: Updates are only supplied for 12 months.



For more help watch the video How to update Omron Software - Video