Why Does CX-Supervisor Show Different ActiveX Properties To Visual Basic Or Excel?

Properties of ActiveX controls shown in the CX-Supervisor "ActiveX Property Browser" may differ from those seen in the Visual Basic or Excel property browser. This can be for one or more of the following reasons:

• Both Visual Basic and Excel show their own container properties in this window, as well as the object properties. CX-Supervisor does not show its container properties. Examples of VBA container properties are:
  • CausesValidation
  • DataSource
  • DragIcon
  • DragMode
  • HeightHelpContextID
  • Index
  • Left
  • TabIndex
  • TabStop
  • Tag
  • ToolTipText
  • Top
  • Visible
  • WhatsThisHelpID
  • Width

• CX-Supervisor only shows properties with data types it can edit for example Boolean, Integer, Real, String, UserDefined, and Colours. Other data types i.e. Font type cannot be edited so are not displayed. Also properties with multiple parameters are not listed in CX-Supervisor as they cannot be edited.

• CX-Supervisor will show additional private object properties, which Visual Basic and Excel choose not to display.