How To Use The SYSMAC Gateway Local Node In CX-Supervisor 3.2

This article shows how to use the new CX-Supervisor 3.2 SYSMAC device type with the local SYSMAC Gateway node.
Adding The Local SYSMAC Gateway Node
In the next dialog you need to give the local node a name and give it the correct (local) IP address:
Adding Points On The Local Node
Now we have created a device linked to the SYSMAC Gateway Local Node we can create points linked with areas of memory within this node. 
This is performed by adding the point in the same way as other SYSMAC Device points.  Click the point editor, add a point, and Browse Tags for the tags defined in the SYSMAC Gateway node:
Why Bother?

Now this is completed we have access to all the Sysmac Gateway local node points. This local node is very quick to access so can be used to reduce network access from CX-Supervisor - e.g. getting other PLCs to send unsolicited messages or by setting up cyclic data transfer for EIP. 

Note: Browse functionality will only show points which can be matched with the CX-Supervisor point type, e.g. an integer CX-Supervisor point will only display integer type tags on the SYSMAC Device.