Custom Screen Saver on an NS Terminal

This article describes how to create a custom screen saver for an NS HMI terminal with the macro function using CX-Designer software. This example requires the use of internal NS system memory for bit and word allocation addresses ($SB Allocation = $B0 and $SW Allocation Address = $W0).
  1. Specifiy an indirect address in the system setting 'Screen Saver Start-up Time' parameter ($W501).

  1. Create a macro at the project level which loads the delay before switching to the screen saver in $W501 = 1; (1 min). 


  1. Create a sheet with an invisible object (lamp for instance) which executes a macro when bit $SB11 (Backlight Status) changes. The macro will do the following:

- Record the Current Screen No. from $SW0 to $W500

- Increase the delay temporarily (to disable the default screen saver/backlight off/black screen function)

- Switch to the screensaver page defined in the project

  1. Apply this sheet to all pages concerned (File - Apply Sheet).

  1. Create a new screen that will serve as the screen saver graphic/image etc.
  2. Add an invisible button covering the entire (screen saver) screen which executes a macro when touched. The macro will do the following:
  • Restore the initial screen saver delay to 1 min ($W501 = 1;) from step 2 above.
  • Switch to the correct screen No. before the screen saver was activated using the previously stored value in $W500 (Step 3 above).


See the attachment for a working CX-Designer project implementing the above steps.


This article is intended to supplement official Omron documentation. The provided example should be thoroughly tested before implementation and may or may not function in specific applications. The user assumes full responsibility of the configuration, integration, performance and application of the provided example. For detailed information on the use and general configuration of Omron products, refer to official Omron manuals or contact your local Omron support representative. 

This article uses screen images from CX-Designer (version 3.4).