Math And Trig Functions Using the CP1E-E/N


This article provides a general overview of the attached Getting Started Guide for Math and Trigonometric Functions using the CP1E PLC (MATH_FUNCTIONS_IN_CP1E.pdf). The attached CP1E_Math.cxp CX-Programmer file contains the following eight trigonometric functions that can be used as subroutines as shown in the guide. The CP1E-E and CP1E-N do not include these functions without complex, user-created math algorithms such as those provided here.

  • Sine Function
  • Cosine Function
  • Tangent Function
  • Arcsine Function
  • Arctangent Function
  • Square Root Function
  • Degree to Radian Conversion
  • Radian to -2pi to +2pi Conversion


The attached document includes details that use the following hardware and software:

  • CP1E-E and CP1E-N type CPUs
  • CX-Programmer version 5.0 or higher

The attached CX-Programmer file and Getting Started Guide provide details for executing trigonometric functions as well as:

  • Step-by-step programming procedure
  • Program memory management
  • Execution time note
  • Accuracy of calculations
  • Example

NOTE: This article is intended to supplement official Omron documentation. The provided Program should be thoroughly tested before implementation and may or may not function in specific applications. The user assumes full responsibility of the configuration, integration, performance and application of the provided program. For detailed information on the use and general configuration of Omron products, refer to official Omron manuals or contact your local Omron support representative.