What Does Src.Fail Mean? CX-Programmer

Sometimes you can be in a positon where CX-Programmer flashes "Src.Fail" in its status bar. Also at this time you are not able to Upload or Compare the program.
Following a program transfer using "Quick Mode" option, the PLC contains only the Instruction List (object code) to run the program. During this state the Source Code has not been downloaded so it is not possible to upload or compare the program. This scenario is perfectly safe and acceptable, and is simply raised to the developers attention by the flashing of "Src.Fail" in the status bar.
To complete the download to include the Source Code, select the menu item Program->Online Edit->Transfer SFC/ST Source To PLC. Alternatively you can download the whole program again without "Quick Mode" enabled.
"Quick Mode" is perfect for use while debugging - making many quick downloads as quick tests. Once you complete your commissioning make sure you perform a download without 'Quick Mode' to ensure the program source is downloaded.