SAP To Control MX2 Inverter For NS Terminal

This article includes a sample SAP for NS HMIs to control values from a MX2:
Conditions of use 
HMI: NS version 6 and more.
  • CP1H + CP1W-CIF01 + CP1W-CIF11/12
  • CP1L-M + CP1W-CIF01 + CP1W-CIF11/12
  • CS1/CJx + CJ1W-SCU21-V1
  • CS1/CJx + CJ1W-SCU41-V1

NS Terminal is connected to a PLC (serial port A or B). The SAP uses FINS command to send request which are converted to Modbus RTU using the Gateway functionality of the PLC serial port:

The MX2 SAP can:

  • Control the output frequency
  • Control de output current
  • Status (Run forward/reverse)
  • Read/write parameter via Modbus MX2 addresses
  • Backup 850 parameters into a CF card (except Modbus comm parameters)
  • Restore these parameters into the MX2

Once the SAP has been draged & droped on the page, a double-click will display the windows to setup the communication. Attention, this operation should be executed only once. In case of error, suppress the SAP and drag & Drop again a new instance.
Then specify the port n° according to the following table:

Unit CJ1-SCU:

PLC configuration

The PLC serial port should be configured in Serial Gateway mode:

Reduce the response timeout to an appropriate value. A value less than 1 second would be better until the SAP timer is cycling at 1 second

NS configuration 

MX2 communication configuration

These parameters are set manually using the keypad device to enable the Modbus communication with the PLC:

WARNING: MX2 should be restarted after any changes !!

Backup/restore Functionality

This option accessible with the + button, allow to Save/Restore in/from a CF card, following parameters:

Access could be protected using the command button not visible with a macro to disable its input