How Do I Read The CSV Data Log From An NS With The Data Log Viewer Supplied With CX-Supervisor v3?

The Omron NS panel has the ability to produce a log of data in CSV format. In order to view this within the Data Log Viewer v2.0 supplied with CX-Supervisor the format must be converted to have some extra columns required by the DLV.

The columns required by DLV V2.0 are:

Breaks This column contains an 'OPEN' on the first line. It is used by the DLV to know when CX-Supervisor has Started and Stopped logging - to help explain potential gaps in the data
Date in format DD/MM/YYYY
Time in format HH:MM:SS
Millisecs an integer showing the millisecond - if this is not available just enter 1

Subsequent columns should contain the name of the field with the type in square brackets e.g. WaterLevel [R] is a real number referring to water level

Possible types are [I][R] and [B] for Integer, Real and Boolean. Also note that the DLV and the NS both use the ',' character as the delimiter rather than the ';' used in many countries.

In order to do this conversion automatically from a 'single group' NS log file, you can run the attached utility.

Simply put all the files that need converting into a folder on the PC and run NS_to_DLV.exe in the same folder. This will create a sub folder called 'Conv_DLV' which contains all the converted files. These files can now be loaded into DLV v2.0 as a CSV file.

This utility is supplied 'as is' with no warranty implied or otherwise.