Sample Structure For DRM21 Unit

CJ2 Family PLCs support Structure data types which can be used to access the data areas in SIO units like the DeviceNet DRM21
Using the structure

To use this structure in a program:

  1. Open the attachment. When using Notepad, turn off "Word Wrap"
  2. Copy the whole structure to the clipboard
  3. Paste into CX-Programmer's Data Type window (Note this is only available for CJ2 PLCs)
  4. Open the IO Table and add the DRM21 unit with the correct Unit address
  5. Note the SIOU address in the square brackets (e.g. [1500])
  6. Create a new Global Symbol, of type STRUCT DRM21COMMON and set the physical address (e.g. to 1500)
  7. The member variables of your new symbol can now be used in your programs to access the SIOU setup area