Why Have My CX-Server Lite Controls Become Disabled In Microsoft Excel?

On some systems the CX-Server Lite controls can become disabled after saving and reloading into Microsoft Excel. The objects appear only as pictures and only offer the option to edit the Picture Toolbar.
This has been caused by some recent Microsoft Security Updates which affect the way the controls are loaded from a saved file. This problem is currently being worked on by the development team for the next CX-Server Lite release. It is, however, possible to remove the Microsoft Updates that are causing the problems.
If you are having problems. find the KB number in the list below affecting your installation and uninstall it using Control Panel and Add/Remove Programs.
Excel 2002 - Affected by KB2264397

Excel 2003 - Affected by KB2264403

Excel 2007 - Affected by KB2345035 + KB2509488

Excel 2010 - Not known to be affected at this stage


This article last updated 21st April 2011