Is It Possible For FZ3 Xpectia Digital Outputs To Operate As One Shot Outputs?

The only FZ3 output that can operate with a 'one shot' output is the OR output (the overall OK/NG output). This is set via the Parallel communications settings, check the 'One shot OR signal' box to ON to enable this. It is also possible to set the on-delay time and output period (time) in this area.

All other digital outputs (DO 0-15) can only change state at the time of a measurement signal. Once the measurement has been carried out the result will be actioned by any digital outputs set in the program. The output signal maintains the same state until the next measurement signal i.e. if the output turns On it will stay On until after the next measurement cycle, however long this will be.

Utilising another of the FZ3 outputs, the Gate signal, with external logic is the method used to 'create' a one shot result. The Gate signal always operates on a One Shot basis every time a measurement signal is received by the controller. It is possible to set the On-delay and Output period in the Parallel communications settings. By using the Gate signal and 'Anding' this with the Digital output (DO) in an external device (such as a PLC) the result would be a one shot pulse which reflects the result of the individual DO.