How To Convert CX-Designer Projects Version 8.2 To 8.1

Here is a description on how to convert the system version of projects from Version 8.2 to Version 8.1 with the CX-Designer. This is helpful if you want to use your CX-Designer project in a NS-Runtime environment. 

1. Enabling the Conversion Function
  • 1-1 Start CX-Designer
  • 1-2 Select About CX-Designer... from the Help Menu.


  • 1-3 Check the version of your CX-Designer.


Note: If the version of your CX-Designer is older than the above version, please perform the Auto Update of the CX-Designer.
For the procedures of Auto Update, refer to Chapter 3 of the CX-One Setup Manual in the folder where the CX-One is installed (The default folder is “C:\Program Files\OMRON\CX-One\Online-Manuals”).

  • 1-4 Exit from the CX-Designer 
  • 1-5 Double-click the file mod.exe file in the folder where the CX-Designer is installed (The default folder is “C:\Program Files\OMRON\CX-One\CX-Designer”):



  • 1-6 At the prompt, click the Yes Button:


Note: If the above dialog does not appear after you double-click the mod.exe file, please refer to 3. Troubleshooting in the bottom of this document.

  • 1-7 Click the OK Button.

Now, the conversion function is enabled.

2. Executing the Conversion function
  • 2-1 Start the CX-Designer, and then open the project that you want to convert
  • 2-2 Confirm that the system version of the project is Ver 8.2:


  • 2-3 Select Tools, Convert, and Version... in this order:


  • 2-4 Confirm that “System Ver8.1” is selected in the Version box in the Convert to field, and then click the OK Button: 


  • 2-5 Click the Yes to All Button:


  • 2-6 Click the OK Button.



  • 2-7 Enter a new file name (which must be different from the name before conversion) in the File name box, and then click the Save Button:


  • 2-8 Confirm that the system version of the project is Ver 8.1. 

Now, the conversion is successfully completed. 

3. Troubleshooting