How To Convert Siemens And Mitsubishi PLC programs to Omron

The Ladder Program Converter tool has been incorporated into CX-One Lite v4 and CX-One Full v4.0. This tool is used to convert the instructions of Mitsubishi and Siemens to Omron instructions according to the conversion rules found in the attached manual.

PLC type of Conversion Source includes FX3/2/1N/1S of Mitsubishi as well as S7-200 series of Siemens. Omron PLC type of Conversion Destination is CP1H/CP1L/CP1E.

The Ladder Program Converter supports copying the program from the conversion source software (Mitsubishi GX-Developer, Siemens STEP 7 MicroWIN) directly and pasting to the CX-Programmer 9.0. The conversion source only has to be copied from a mnemonic format.

Pasting the source program in the Diagram view or Mnemonic view in CX-Programmer will cause a dialog box to be displayed:

Of course, not every instruction is fully compatible with Omron and some restrictions exist. Please refer to the attached documentation for more details.