What's New In CX-Supervisor V3.0

CX-Supervisor V3.0

New Features

  • Web Based Remote Maintenance: A standard set of web pages that allow common operations to be carried out remotely using a web browser. For example, monitoring and acknowledging alarms, monitoring and setting point values, monitoring the error log etc.
  • Teamviewer installation allowing remote support from Omron and (with a further licence) allowing you to control machines on other sites either for support or for unmanned remote control.
  • A completely new Data Log Viewer with significantly enhanced functionality including improved panning, zooming, automatic spanning of old data files and shifting of traces for comparison (refer to the Data Log Viewer Help for full details).
  • Using 'One Click Simulation', CX-Simulator is now supported within CX-Supervisor providing the ability to simulate a PLC being connected to a CX-Supervisor application.
  • An improved Colour Palette toolbar is now included.
  • Enhanced image support including support for JPEG and GIF image formats.
  • Picture objects now support Transparency.
  • Improved support for ActiveX controls.
  • Metafile objects can now be converted into CX-Supervisor objects.
  • A new ‘Point Substitution’ feature is supported that allows the points associated with an object, or group of objects, to be changed.
  • Creation and re-use of smart library objects allowing connection to existing points when objects are used.
  • New smart graphics library objects including NS Style buttons and lamps.
  • A CX-Supervisor application can now be completely recompiled using the ‘Rebuild All’ feature.
  • The Application Analysis and Performance Monitor functionality has been enhanced further.
  • An optional ‘Fins Gateway 2003’ communications driver is now supported for Ethernet and Controller Link configurations, giving a direct means of communication.
  • The latest CX-Server Lite & CX-Server OPC Communication Controls (version 2.0) are also included with this release of CX-Supervisor.
  • Some general user interface enhancements.

Product Codes and Descriptions


CX-Supervisor Developer V3 for application development. This package does not include a Runtime USB dongle. In V3 this will allow the test of projects with 2 hours of communications without using a USB dongle.


CX-Supervisor Developer Upgrade V3 This will upgrade the developer from any previous version of CX-Supervisor, note that it does not include a USB dongle.


CX-Supervisor Machine Edition V3 Runtime including an ME USB dongle


CX-Supervisor PLUS Edition V3 Runtime including a PLUS USB dongle


CX-Supervisor Runtime Upgrade V3
Note: For existing V2 customers only holding ME or PLUS USB dongle.  No additional dongle included.


CX-Supervisor Trial Edition V3 providing 30 days of full functionality to try out all the features.