How To Reduce CX-Supervisor Runtime (SR2) File Size


When creating a CX-Supervisor Runtime application all the pages, objects and project settings are compiled into one file (SR2). Pages with lots of pictures can greatly increase the file and memory size of the CX-Supervisor runtime application as when a picture is added to a page it is added to both the page and runtime file as a bitmap. This results in the file size growing by the size of the inserted picture file size if it is a bmp file, or considerably more if it is a jpeg or gif file. 

For example a Hi-Resolution (e.g. typically around 10 megapixel or 3638 x 2736 pixels) jpeg picture from a digital camera may take up 5 megabytes on disk as a heavily compressed jpeg file. When a jpeg file is uncompressed each pixel is saved individually resulting in a size as high as 30 megabytes. When CX-Supervisor uses this picture in a page it will increase the file size on disk and in memory by this large amount.

An average sized display on a laptop or monitor is 1280 x 1024 pixels - that's about 1.3 megapixels.  When creating CX-Supervisor applications it is unlikely you will ever view a picture bigger than this size, in fact most pictures used in visualisation software will be considerably smaller than this maybe even as low as 50 x 50 pixels. If your source image is larger than the displayed area (e.g. from a 5 megapixel camera, or a 250 x 250 pixel Photoshop image) then in excess of 80% of the image detail stored on disk and in memory for this picture isn't needed or used to display it!

CX-Supervisor v3 now allows you to 'Resample' pictures so the application file size reflects the amount required to display the dimensions you need for your screen size.

How to Resample Pictures in CX-Supervisor

To resample a picture in CX-Supervisor V3, you simply need to right click the mouse button on the picture and choose 'Resample picture(s): 

"Resample" removes the extra detail of the picture that is not used in your project. So if you have sized picture on screen to about 50 x 50 pixels it will only store that amount of detail. The source file (the original picture) is not affected - only the CX-Supervisor runtime file.

Once you have resampled a picture, its detail is lost and you will lose quality if you increase the physical size on the page, you will need to return to the original source picture. For this reason it is advised that you edit and customise your application before you choose to resample any pictures.

You can choose the Resample All Picture(s) on Page as well, and if you have a background picture it will be resampled too.
If you are running a version of CX-Supervisor earlier than version 3 you can achieve smaller runtime files by making sure that the source pictures have been resized to the correct pixel size in a graphics editing package before you use them in CX-Supervisor.