Sending Mail With ETN21 Card

This tutorial is intended to explain how to send mail with the ETN21 card. * Note: The CJ1M-CPUxx-ETN (integrated) does not have the functionality and mail socket


I. ETN21 card configuration
1. Configure the IP address of the ETN21 card (see article Login/Configuration of CS/CJ ETN21)
2. Enter the IP address of the router (LAN side PLC) 
3. Specify the IP address of the ISP DNS server
Orange DNS server: Consult + list + of + server + dns + of + low + main + english.html
4. Specify the SMTP server name and mail address that your ISP has assigned you.

5. Specify the name of the POP server and the login password.

6. Specify the mail address of recipient

7. Validate an event trigger for sending mail (1 to 8)

8. The activation of trigger CIO100.00 sends PLC error log