Browsing Data With Internet Explorer - CX-Supervisor

The attached CX-Supervisor program and the HTML page demonstrate how information from CX-Supervisor can be visualised live on the intranet with Internet Explorer (or another browser).

The file 'HTML Muster.htm' needs to be copied into the directory C: \  (for the sake of simplicity). The CX-Supervisor displayed page produced with the Internet Explorer can then be called 'C: \ HTML Test.htm'.

The HTML code of the page HTML Muster.htm 'contains the following command, which results in the constant refreshing of the page in a browser:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="2; url=c:\html-test.htm">

The first parameter of 'content' is the time interval in seconds, for the updating of the page, in this example, 2 seconds.
The second parameter contains the file name with full path. The parameters are separated by a semicolon.

The CX-Supervisor program is based on the 'Report' function and a small script page.

The solution requires no additional software or other tools on the remote PC and can be anywhere in an intranet application, where a standard browser on the PC is available.