Shop Floor Data Collection With CX-Server Lite and Excel/VBA


MS Excel97 and CX-Server Lite need to be installed on the computer.

The communication for the connected PLC must be configured or a CDM project has been created. Patterns BDE.cdm see below. This must be used depending on the PLC and the network used settings.

A directory C: \ Data must be created. Then the file Dummy.xls (see below) is copied / detached.

(Added: H.B:
If FINSGateway is no longer installed on the computer, the corresponding references can be voted out. (VBA / Tools / References))

How to use the programs:

Reads data from a PLC into a table with a fixed format and stores them in specified time intervals (here: 1 minute) in a new worksheet in the folder C: \ Data from.

Reads data at fixed time interval from a PLC and writes it with a timestamp (here: every 5 seconds) with each other in a table, ie each group of values in a new line (data recorder). In fixed time intervals (here: 1 minute), the data in a new worksheet in the folder C: \ Data saved.

Dummy.xls The file contains a blank worksheet, in which the collected data will be copied. Then it will be saved under a new name. This file is required for both examples.